Sunday, October 9, 2011

Morning Mass

This morning the boys and I went to 10:30 a.m. Mass and they were well behaved! I am so amazed. For a split second I wondered what happened to my real children.

Dawson is usually very impatient, asking when it will be time to leave or when church will be over. Owen is the typical toddler who cannot sit still and tries to pull a Houdini when I'm not looking. Two weeks ago he made an escape underneath the pew. I was mortified.

I said a prayer last week for God to bless me with two little boys who did not cause a scene and I think my prayers were answered. Thanks be to God!

I'm teaching CCD this year. I had taken the last two years off after Owen was born because I was nursing and couldn't really leave him for more than half an hour. I thought it would only be a year hiatus, but it's difficult to manage two kids, work and school and be a catechist as well.

Dawson is in first grade this year and I decided to teach his class. I have 8 students and it's been a lot of fun so far. I've also acquired two teen helpers to assist me in the class room and this helps tremendously. The kids are less rambunctious when there is more than one "adult" present.

Dawson paid attention in Mass -- kneeling, sitting and standing when required and I was happy to see him singing along to songs he knows. We sat near the choir and Owen was fascinated with the pianist and cellist. He kept pointing and saying, "Play! Play!" It was quite cute.

Today I realized how blessed I am. I also realized that attending Mass is very important not only for me, but for the boys. They seem to be learning so much more than I expected and I'm so proud of them. God truly has given me very precious gifts.

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